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Rooftop Grease Containment Installation

Rooftop Grease Containment Installation

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Rooftop Grease Containment Installation

When it comes to protecting your roof and the environment, the cost of installing and maintaining a rooftop grease containment system is significantly smaller than the cost of neglecting the problem.  Not only is a rooftop grease containment system important to not only protect from roof top grease spills but, it will also serve as a preventative from fires, slips and falls, roof damage or environmental hazards caused by grease runoff. In addition to being a good idea, many cities or municipalities require this type of containment system be installed whenever an exhaust fan from a kitchen hood system is present.

Liberty SoftWash offers grease containment system installation and maintenance to new and existing customers.  As part of our kitchen hood cleaning service, we offer an evaluation of your entire exhaust system.  During the evaluation, we will let you know the condition of your system including things that are needed to make your system compliant which includes having a rooftop grease containment system in place.

The grease containment system show below is a basic system we recently installed for one of our semi annual kitchen hood cleaning customers.  Upon inspection, we made note the KEC was lacking a containments system.  This system consists of a simple pan with drainage and an oil absorbing pad to collect the grease that is collected and exhausted through the fan.  As the grease drips from the system, the oil absorbing material collects the grease while the drainage allows rainwater to drain from the pan. As part of our maintenance, we will continue to change the absorbing material as part of our semi annual kitchen exhaust system cleaning.

Liberty SoftWash services Central Pennsylvania with superior Certified Hood Cleaning and grease containment system maintenance for commercial kitchen owners.  Contact us today to schedule your free kitchen exhaust system evaluation. 717-324-4208