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Rooftop Grease Containment

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A functioning rooftop grease containment system is the number one piece of equipment that will prevent  grease spills on your roof.  Kitchen exhaust fans are designed to remove grease vapors from your commercial kitchen.  If you do not have a rooftop grease containment system installed, the grease will eventually end up on your rooftop where it can become a safety hazard, an environmental hazard by running into your gutter system, or even attract rodents and other pests.

Both rooftop grease spills and enviornmental hazards caused by grease spills cost restaurants thousands of dollars per year.  Controlling rooftop grease contamination is an issue every commercial kitchen deals with. Addressing the safety and environmental issues posed by a rooftop grease contamination is necessary for every commercial kitchen. Additionally, many states, including Pennsylvania, have specific requirements regarding this type of grease control.

Failing to address these safety and environmental issues can cause owners to face fines, rooftop damage and worst of all, the risk of a fire. For these reasons, a rooftop containment system is a necessary investment for all commercial restaurant owners.

Not all grease containment systems are created equal which makes choosing the right system for your business extremely important.  In most cases, a poorly designed collective device is the cause of rooftop grease spills so, doing your research on a proper grease containment system could potentially save you tens of thousands of dollars in fire or environmental cleanup.

Liberty SoftWash offers both installation and maintenance of rooftop grease containment systems.  We have several options available for your grease containment needs.  Typically, a grease containment system on your roof will have some type of pan for containment and an adsorbent material designed to collect the grease while allowing rainwater to drain from the pan.  Changing the absorbent materials on a regularly scheduled basis, is important to keeping the grease off the roof and out of the gutter system.

Don't allow grease contamination to damage your roof or worse yet, be the cause of a fire, call the professionals at Liberty SoftWash for a free evaluation of you rooftop grease containment needs.  Call today to speak with one of our technicians to schedule your free estimate. 717-324-4208

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