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Dry Ice Blasting

Dry Ice Blasting

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In addition to our extensive list of exterior cleaning services, Liberty SoftWash also offers dry ice blasting for use in industrial facilities, commercial properties and even to aid in fire restoration.

Dry ice blasting is much like sand blasting or plastic bead blasting. The medium being used is forced into a pressurized air stream and used to clean various surfaces. Dry ice blasting is very different in that unlike blasting with sand or plastic beads, there is no additional waste because once the dry ice makes contact with the surface; they change from a solid to a gas. This makes this type of media blasting ideal for a situation where having moisture present is not an option.

Build up of contaminants such as grease; adhesives, oil and other things can prevent equipment from running at peak operation. Because traditional cleaning methods are time consuming, often require a large amount of water and sometimes are ineffective, dry ice blasting can be the preferred cleaning technique.

Additionally, the dry ice blasting process is FDA approved and is considered an environmentally friendly method. Dry ice cleaning of surfaces will remove contaminants such as mildew, mold and other fungi. In addition, it will remove odors from the root source by eliminating the organisms that are causing the offensive odors.

Dry ice blasting is truly the superior alternative to sand, shot, soda or water blasting. When you factor in the cost of things such as prolonged down time, the costly expense o cleanup and disposal of secondary waste and wear and tear on your equipment, you may find dry ice blasting to be the best route to take depending on your cleaning or restoration needs.

There are numerous uses for dry ice blasting in the industrial, electrical, commercial industries and more. Call the professionals at Liberty SoftWash to discuss the possibilities of dry ice blasting on your next project. (717) 324-4208