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Commercial Building and Sidewalk Washing York PA

Commercial Building and Sidewalk Washing

Your business deserves a stop-in-your-tracks first impression. The property should be able to instantly convey that you are professional, clean-cut, and that you take the success of your enterprise seriously. Liberty SoftWash is proud to deliver that picture-perfect first impression to all of our commercial customers.

Our Soft Wash Solution

The Liberty SoftWash team exclusively uses a technique called soft washing to clean your building exterior. This process allows us to work carefully, using extremely low water pressure that is on par with a garden hose. We combine our superior pressure washing equipment with specialized cleansers, which contain algaecides that kill even the most stubborn growth. After applying the solution, we let it sit to work away at the buildup, then rinse completely.

We also use soft washing for safety reasons. This method allows us to wash multiple stories without using a lift, which reduces both costs and liability. It also minimizes damage to landscaping and creates a more convenient cleaning process for building tenants. Soft washing provides an all-around secure, positive, and transformative experience for our customers.
Our approach may be gentle, but the results are anything but -- After a soft wash service from our team, your building will look like new.

A building washing service from Liberty SoftWash delivers transformative and far-reaching benefits that promise to boost your business. They include:


  • Improved Curb Appeal: The first interaction that every patron has with your business will be a positive one
  • Better Health & Sanitation: We remove mold, mildew, algae, and other buildup that contributes to respiratory illnesses and allergies
  • Long-Term Quality: We appreciate that our customers want immediate results, but they also want those results to pay off down the road. That’s why our process delivers a result that will look great for months - even years - down the road


Whether your exterior is vinyl, brick, stone, wood, or some other material, we have the expertise, equipment, and passion to restore it to its original condition. Claim your property’s curb appeal and start with a free estimate today.

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